‘Prime’ Scheme

A Scheme of Publication Price with Dynamic Public + Online Marketing Strategies

‘Prime’ Scheme:
Prime Penang has designed a mechanism that works effectively for long term business developments. With affordable prices catered to the clients need, ‘Prime’ Scheme provides multiple strategies that is worth more. How true is this statement?

Instead of having our own branding & marketing strategies to promote Prime Penang to the public, the company decided to include clients’ business contents to enrich the marketing programs. Not just that,  online marketing through the website and the social media has been developed to promote and to create effective awareness from the public.  This unique and selfless idea has never been implemented before in marketplace.

‘Prime’ Scheme sincerely aims to create win-win achievement with clients, we believe in developing clients’ credibility alongside also developing our credibility.

Prime Scheme

Think Ahead . Stay Ahead

Every day, the world is changing, peoples’ lives are improving, technology is evolving and the fastest shift in marketing history is underway but are your businesses adapting to this rapid growth? By realizing that markets and media are increasingly cluttered and competitive, old models of branding & marketing solutions are losing impact. Businesses struggle to maintain sales and reputation – They need new ways to compete.

Prime Penang creates a revolutionary branding and marketing scheme, named as ‘Prime’ Scheme that is designed to suit the needs of the marketplace of all businesses in present and future. With the soul of a creative and strategic firm, and the tools of an interactive firm Prime Penang has done researches & developments by combining public media, mass media & web media into one complete scheme to optimize the branding & marketing solutions for businesses.

Getting initial attention is hard enough, but tougher still is relationship nurturing. We believe in the power of the public & web centric branding & marketing media to provide a place to further the public relationship. We believe in steering the brand & marketing experience from one prime category, and allowing the public to be largely involved and an illusion of control. Gone are the days of sending out information in sort of media forms and expecting action. Now, marketing is about provoking customer-led-movements – having them aware or attracted with what you are and what your business for, gaining their trust, and then influencing their mindset.

As a business owner, we truly understand your consideration of branding & marketing budget.
Every business we work with is different, but they share one thing in common: the need to connect to each potential audience member. This requires that the brand stands out, is remarkable, different, and engaging. We create public awareness that goes deep within the minds of the customer to create an emotional connection, creating interest and action. In addition, you only have a few seconds to create the spark, so you must be concise, unique, and powerful.

We also believe in the power of measurement. Marketing is a long term investment, and it must be proven before it is scaled. Therefore, we create baselines, goals and closely monitor actions. Once the actions prove a return on investment, they can be scaled immediately. If they fail to show promise, we implement alternative directions. This leads to optimization.

What is so ‘Prime’?


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