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‘Prime’ Scheme methodology will evolve and sharpen based on the analysis of market growth, and is also based on the results of every research & data we collect in the marketplace. Success always comes as a result of listening, responding, and leading, creating a following and providing exceptional value. In order to create success, we must design more than just another conventional branding & marketing scheme. We must design a revolutionary movement. And that movement must be polished, fed, monitored, and measured. It seems daunting, but we are passionate and confident to go through the entire process with speed, efficiency, and scalable effectiveness.

Prime Strategy - Research1. RESEARCH
‘Prime’ Scheme is designed by us, a team of fervent believers in learning as much as we can about business branding & marketing, and we dig deep. We question, we experience, we absorb, and we analyze. The more we learn, the more successful ‘Prime’ Scheme will ultimately be. Purpose: Gain perspective on where branding & marketing sits today.

Prime Strategy - Survey2. SURVEY
A business is created between two perceptions: clients’ internal perception and consumers’ perception. Ultimately, business is what the consumer thinks. We design ‘Prime’ Scheme to grow with business, maintaining business’s health, provide valuable information with effective ways for consumers, and look into opportunities to prosper. We also seek advice from clients to gain internal perspective in order to see the difference between perception and reality.

Prime Strategy - Evaluate3. EVALUATE
We evaluate consumers with precision so that ‘Prime’ Scheme can be as accurate as possible. We segment consumers into different prime areas in town to best organize the public promotional process and best customize consumers’ experience. We also list potential influencers and decision makers to make certain we are in the consumers’ visual point at all possible times.

Prime Strategy - Position4. POSITION
The aim is to make ‘Prime’ Scheme exceptional. We are the pioneer and the first providing most comprehensive scheme with multiple strategies in Penang’s branding & marketing field; exposing our specific niche, personality and spirit. We understand in the business society, branding & marketing is a compulsory strategy to develop or to sustain a business but the technique & effectiveness differs in its effectiveness. ‘Prime’ Scheme is designed by positioning itself as business client in resolving or improving the branding & marketing strategy.

Prime Strategy - Plan5. PLAN
Once we realize the entire landscape, we put together a go-to-market strategy. This is more than a communications plan, it is a communication strategy. How will we initially connect? How will we continue? What value can we create to each customer? How do we nurture? How to empower? Every situation requires a thinking process, and ‘Prime’ Scheme is definitely capable to grow with it.

Prime Strategy - Create6. CREATE
This is where the magic happens. We design ‘Prime’ Scheme that consists of multiple strategies that works completely different with the conventional one. We create revolutionary branding and marketing media that break away from traditional advertising or marketing scheme. Everything that we implement is based on the research and positioning, and we focus ultimately on exposing and promoting your business. Then we create attraction and awareness by hosting public and web events to penetrate your business contents into consumers’ mind.

Prime Strategy - Expand7. EXPAND
Based on ‘Prime’ Scheme, we design all the strategies within the plan. We believe in the power of consistency, and we create the traditional and digital toolbox that will be used upon deployment bi-monthly. We prepare all elements, including the website, so that everything is ready for launch.

Prime Strategy - Set8. SET
Our goal is to connect with the public, which is your consumers and our readers, both digital and traditional. In order to do so, we begin to set baselines before we deploy in order to create public attention as per schedule. Our purpose is to make certain every ‘Prime’ Scheme strategy that is designed creates value and confident for clients as well as for the public.

Prime Strategy - Deploy9. DEPLOY
It is now time to join the movement of ‘Prime’ Scheme. As we have lighted up the fire and clients’ business partnership is just like creating the fuel to speed up towards the big ‘boom’ quickly. We set a launch date, and then deploy it – via magazine publication, websites, mass media, public events, contests & competitions, lucky draw and marketing activities in public and on the web – whatever the situation best dictates.

Prime Strategy - Measure10. MEASURE
We closely monitor and analyze everything we do. Using a combination of analytics, surveys, and reliable media information, we subtly implement or change strategies on the fly based on the markets’ growth, one piece at a time, to optimize ‘Prime’ Scheme’s effectiveness.

Prime Strategy - Optimize11. OPTIMIZE
Based on ongoing strategies, we monitor everything that can be analyzed including branding & marketing growth in Penang. Over time, ‘Prime’ Scheme will be fully-optimized by designed stages, with a maximized return on clients’ investment. We don’t believe in the spend-it-and-see mentality. We only believe in ‘Prime’ Scheme that would be the best stewards of client’s businesses and budgets.


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